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Allison Burt


Located in Versailles, Kentucky



"I am from North Carolina and started riding and showing American Saddlebreds and Hackney ponies since I was able to walk. While in high school, I started designing for an equine magazine when I was just 16 years old. I designed almost all our covers and inside pages. While working as a graphic designer for the magazine I would stay up all hours of the night watching videos on youtube and studying tips and techniques to master Adobe Photoshop. Unlike most 16 year-old girls, I spent my time after school in the office helping send our publication to the printer. I traded in quality time with friends on the weekends for staying up all hours of the night in our office to make deadlines. Giving up a lot of teenage years would seem like a social disadvantage to most, but to me, it was a healthy sacrifice for my future.


"I took on other part-time jobs during my first few years working for the magazine. Eventually I decided to focus on my first year in college at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, Tennessee majoring in Political Science going towards the Pre-Law program. In my spare time I would do a few private design jobs for a couple of old clients at the magazine. Overtime it turned into a handful of clients.

"After some soul searching I realized I wanted to take these odd jobs on full time and switch my major to Graphic Design. I got a job as a sales representative for another equine magazine while also working two other jobs 40+ hours a week and going to school full time. Eventually, I realized my heart was in the pages of the magazines and not the sales of them. So I switched positions and became a contracted designer.


"In just one short year the number of private design requests I received skyrocketed and expanded over multiple equine industries. I became obsessed with marketing the different breeds on a level that hasn't been done before. The beauty of social media marketing, photography, and videography started to unravel in front of me.

"Taking on the challenge for 2018, I have created a brand that's spreading across the globe. Caitlin Design LLC is now a one stop solution to all of your equestrian marketing needs. With the help of my new team, I will continue to expand and market the breed, the barn, the exhibitors, and the industry. Be a part of something HUGE."

-Caitlin A Reason, Owner & Senior Designer